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  1. Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

    There is a “flip side to all of this and here it is:
    1.) The books have been made small enough to fit inside a BDU cargo pocket, and therefore have been printed with a fairly small font. I had to use a magnifying glass to read most of it, and when some things were reprinted in the digests, like newspaper articles, for example, even that didn’t help.
    2.) The material is not organized, but is placed in the books in random order. As more digests ...
  2. Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

    Chapter 1: The Good.
    For anybody in today’s Army, or quite possibly other braches of the military, some of this material might still be a boon to the modern warrior. Some of it is out-of-date, so there will obviously need to be some judgment applied here.

    As an example of useful information that anybody can apply using surplus military gear, or even deciding on which knife to get or how to make a mini-1st aid kit, pages 72 & 73 of Volume one deal with these subjects. ...

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  3. Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

    Having recently purchased all nine copies of the Ranger Rick Digest series I decided to review my findings here. Before I start just let me state for the record that I was a bit surprised to find that, contrary to what I thought, the series is NOT a collection of manuals on Survival, but rather a collection of bits and pieces of info to help soldiers to better their situation while serving in the military.

    Also, Ranger Rick, now known as ARMY Ranger ...

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  4. Stealth, or What I Learned Today

    So, This is gonna bounce around a bit. Great day on the first day of rifle season. Spent the whole day out, either waiting in ambush with my high-powered, high-precision, instrument of instant death, or actively working the land as a team "flushing" the hunt.
    First thing this morning, a hawk is chittering out on the riverbank, and flies not too far over head. pretty cool.

    Young buck comes into my little area, small one with two spikes. I could tell he was small right ...
  5. Learning the Basics II: Hiking: Part 3.

    Let's look for a moment at equipment for a simple fair weather day hike. In Scouting a newcomer to the troop is called a "Tenderfoot." That term dates back to the frontier days and refers to someone completely new to the wild outdoors at that time. If you are new to all of this, then you are a "Tenderfoot," and hopefully not a "Numpty." A "Numpty" is someone who refuses to learn, thinking they already know everything about the outdoors, survival, rocket ...

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