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  1. Pop Quiz!

    Post your answers on the thread I'm going to start for this right after I post the blog. This is just a quiz to see how much many of you who want to know more already know:

    1.) List the "Rule of Threes".

    2.) What are the 4 Essentials to Survival?

    3.) when is it okay to drink urine?

    4.) The human body requires a minnimum of ___________water per day.
    a.) 1 to 2 pints.
    b.) 1 to 2 quarts.
  2. How to go and live in the northern woods

    As this seems to come up every now and then, here's my opinion. There's other ways of doing it, but this is what worked for us.
    This is for people who want to go and live somewhere in the bush (= no road access) longterm, in northern Canada. Not for someone on a quest to survive with a knife, loincloth and tarp.

    For anyone who didn't grow up in a rural setting that enabled them to learn such country skills as living without electricity and running water, who is unfamiliar ...
  3. Tribute to an Archery Legend

    It all started in Winston Georgia, off I-20 towards Alabama during the first week of bow season 1994. Got in the woods and hung my stand. Typical Frank set up, off a beaten path with the stand only 6 feet off the ground.

    I had only been in the stand for an hour or two and here he came. He was a nice 6pt with long tines. And they were still in velvet, a trophy to be had. He walked within 10 feet of me, arrow nocked, release on the string, he turned his head away from me, perfect ...
  4. Running with "The Bull"

    I’ve always been sort of a trader. I would rather trade than sell any day. It was the mid 70’s and the compound bow was making a mark in the archery community. It was the “future” of bow hunting and everyone had to have one.

    Not me. Matter of fact, I kind of profited a little by the influx of compound bows in the local stores. One store was K-Mart. They stocked their new bows for the upcoming archery season and they were all compounds. Last year’s recurve bows sat in the corner ...
  5. Hunting Buddies

    The year was, oh it does not matter. It was New Jerseys, second or third ever archery deer hunt. Stosh and Casey were linemen for what use to be called Ma Bell. Their schedules were such that they always seemed to be off at the same time and this meant deer hunting in the winter, and trout fishing in the summer.

    Stosh lived in a small house on the side of what use to be a creek. He ran a trap line from Beverly Road all the way down to the Delaware River. The money he made trapping ...
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