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  1. In Memory of Colin Fletcher. (1922-2007)

    We now refer to him as the "Spiritual Godfather" of the backpacking movement. He was the 1st person to ever walk a continuous route through the Grand Canyon in 1963. (The Man Who Walked Through Time.) He is also the author of the Backpacking Manual: "The Complete Walker" as well as the updated editions: II, III, & IV. This Manual is considered by most Backpackers as the "Hiker's Bible"! The latest edition boast 846 pages! In 2001, while walking, he was hit ...

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  2. Simple Survival Psychology Part 1

    (c) 2003 Gary L. Benton

    When I was in the military and involved with search and rescue training, I often saw messages or reports pertaining to survivors and non-survivors. These cases were both civilians and military personnel. I was amazed while reading both types of correspondence. (We received this information to hopefully improve our survival training program). I read about people who had lots of gear, plenty of food and water, and they still did not make it. Or, on the ...
  3. My daughters first fishing trip.

    Every year my whole family tries to get together and do a camping/fishing trip, I have a big family and not every body makes it every year, but this last year we planned to do a trip up to Fenske Lake campground in MN, its up near Ely outside of the BWCA.

    My 4 year old daughter Abbi mentioned that she would like to go fishing with us. So I brought her to Dicks sporting goods and she picked out her own fishing pole (a pink Barbie pole).

    After we arrived at ...
  4. Winter Clothing Field Test#4

    Jan 1/09

    Time: 2 pm

    Temp: -24C/-11F

    With Wind Chill (N 20 kph, gusting):

    Distance: 3 miles

    Time Elapsed: 1 hour

    Terrain: Street, mild inclines.


    Ready Pack (35lbs)

    Base Layer: Dakota "driwear performance thermal top"
    Large. Composition: 66% micro-nylon, 21% micro-polyester, 13% spandex.. ...

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  5. Field Test for Winter Clothing #3, and Fire Starting

    Dec 28/08

    Time: 11am

    Temp: -15 C Wind: n/a

    Distance: 6 miles, cross-country skiing

    Terrain: Groomed run, moderate hills


    Base Layer:

    Dakota "driwear performance thermal top"

    Size: Large.


    66% micro-nylon, 21% micro-polyester, 13% spandex.. ...
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