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  1. Cold Weather Survival Cont.

    wet socks against your torso (back or chest). Wash your feet and put on dry socks daily.
    When bundled up in many layers of clothing during cold weather, you may be unaware that you are losing body moisture. Your heavy clothing absorbs the moisture that evaporates in the air. You must drink water to replace this loss of fluid. Your need for water is as great in a cold environment as it is in a warm environment (Chapter 13). One way to tell if you are becoming dehydrated
  2. My NS to Maine Canoe & Trek

    So ya wanna know how my trip went? It was a really really good time, we drove up to Maine (actually to the end of the route in Auburn) and went across to NS where we took a bus up to Fort Louisbourg, we pitched camp Friday night (we got there at about 6pm) just outside the fort and had a good time, the reenactors were still coming in and setting up so we set up off to the far side of them to stay outta their way. It was the 250th anniversary of the fort and a lot of people were there. I gave a class ...
  3. Regarding Cody's book: "98.6 Degrees..."

    I've decided to post Rick's Review of Cody's book here as well as the follow up that transpired between Rick, Myself & Cody Lundin Himself. Somethings need to be kept out front where they can be seen at any given moment.

    "I just completed 98.6 Degrees. The Art of Keeping Your *** Alive by Cody Lundin, I told Sarge I would provide a review so here it is.

    As the title suggests, this book looks more at the physiology as well as the psychology of keeping you ...

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  4. Historical Trekking

    Some on here (8 more to be exact) have asked me once again what exactally is Historical Trekking and how is the group I go with different from todays hikers other than clothing. So, real good questions and here what is needed and you'll learn when joining our group The Miami Valley Historical Trekkers.
    The Specific And Primary Purpose And Objectives Of This Association Are:
    Promote study and research into the life and customs of early America from 1750s through 1780s.
    Promote ...
  5. Barrel Browning Your Flintlock

    Barrel Browning your Flintlock or other guns
    By Beowulf65

    Alot of ya wanna know how I browned the barrel of my flintlock (guess ya saw the pics on here) so here's a good method.
    First thing, buy a bottle of Laurel Mountain Forge Browning Solution. I have had good luck with it. You can order from Dixie Gun Works or Track of the Wolf or any number of other gun shops. The second thing is to draw file and sand the barrel to the desired finish. You only need to draw file if ...
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