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  1. For the "Newbys".

    Oft-times I'm asked by those just getting started in the "Survival Arena" as to where they might start and what they might learn & study. I'm putting my answers here and will refer to them in the future whenever asked this question again. The 1st thing you have to do, no matter what, is to prepare yourself mentally to accept the advice you're given here, even if it doesn't fit in with what you think it should. Pick up a good book on survival, yes, but also study all the threads ...

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  2. Brain Tanning Hides

    What follows is a general outline of what is involved in brain tanning hides. There are many different "formula's" or directions for tanning out there. Some are simpler and some more involved. I heartily recommend following the link at the end of this post for those who want to try brain tanning. Then with a little research you will be more likely to achieve a more specific and successful recipe. Some here may use this and some may have other methods, this is basically how I do it and ...
  3. Regarding Cody's book: "98.6 Degrees..."

    I've decided to post Rick's Review of Cody's book here as well as the follow up that transpired between Rick, Myself & Cody Lundin Himself. Somethings need to be kept out front where they can be seen at any given moment.

    "I just completed 98.6 Degrees. The Art of Keeping Your *** Alive by Cody Lundin, I told Sarge I would provide a review so here it is.

    As the title suggests, this book looks more at the physiology as well as the psychology of keeping you ...

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  4. Cold Weather Survival Cont.

    wet socks against your torso (back or chest). Wash your feet and put on dry socks daily.
    When bundled up in many layers of clothing during cold weather, you may be unaware that you are losing body moisture. Your heavy clothing absorbs the moisture that evaporates in the air. You must drink water to replace this loss of fluid. Your need for water is as great in a cold environment as it is in a warm environment (Chapter 13). One way to tell if you are becoming dehydrated
  5. Trail & Camp Foods

    I do a lot and I mean a lot of historical trekking where you only take what they used in the 1750s to 1790s from the colonials of America to the Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton era, what I have found is the foods they ate are just as good today, here are a few recipes in case ya wanna give them a try.

    Parched Corn:
    How to Make Parched Corn:
    One of the staples of the early longhunters and native Americans was parched corn. It was said that it could feed a native with nothing ...

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