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  1. Really cheap fly fishing kits... be aware...

    So, my $30 Shakespear beginner fly fishing kit was a real bargain. Or, so I thought.

    I could never get a decent cast out of it, no matter how much practice I did. Yesterday I finally got to visit Isaac at Sportmans Warehouse. I checked in my rod & reel and he gave it a few false cast. He said the line was no good.

    After switching out the reel with one loaded with good line, the rod gave a nice cast and presentation.

    Now I am looking at $25 more ...
  2. Whats up with the BOB questions?

    For some reason the forum is attracting a lot of attention from "survivalist & preppers", which is fine because a lot of people here meet that description....

    But the thing is, this is not a prepper forum... Its a wilderness survival forum. When I see that in the title I am thinking about eatable wild plants, dressing game, building fires, fishing.... and the like.

    In the last month Ive seen about 4 new intros, asking about BOBs and the like before they ...

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  3. Fly fishing forum is getting better...

    Well, after several problems with shooting the line and getting a "pretty" loop, I spent about 40 minutes practicing false casting and shooting today.

    I can see where in the past I was mostly using my wrist, thinking I could do so and get away with it. As soon as I anchored the rod to my forearm and used my forearm for rod movement only, did my form start to show some great improvement.

    For shooting, I found thus far, if I simply shoot on a really nice ...
  4. Slingshot zombiehammer with skull ejector

    This contains a video.

    Wow. One end of the weapon is a slingshot. The end contains a steel ball for whacking, and a 6 inch spike for...spiking.
  5. Too much sugar in yogurt!

    Activia yogurt has more sugar per ounce than a can of Coke. Here are some comparisons. Serving size (oz)/sugar grams/sugar per oz:

    Activia 8oz/37g/4.63g
    Dannon Oikos yogurt 8oz/27g/3.38g
    Coke 12oz/39g/3.25g
    V8 Splash juice 8oz/16g/2.0g

    For low-fat protein, try jerky instead. It might have a lot of salt, but it is low in sugar and fat.
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