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  1. Of Ghosts and Men

    Where does life end and living begin I ponder as the work days grind on. The constant demands and ungrateful drain me of my humanity as quietly I am assimilated by societies force. A simple drone I be to those who would think themselves my better. Acting in accordance to the rules and laws of another would be king, however the emperor has no clothes for he too is but a simple drone buzzing about.

    Where does life end and living begin reverberates rhythmically through my core as my ...

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  2. australian big cats

    gday i live near the south australian victorian border in oz.
    no large cat preadators here right ,wrong.
    there have been a spate of sightings since 1900s that say large puma type cats are living and roaming these districts.
    there right because my mother and i saw one not long ago cross the road in front of us only 50mtrs up .it was blacky tan in colour and was a cougar puma was the middle of the day as well.i like to go bushwalking here but now thats put me off. ...
  3. was chris mcandless stupid

    hey guys i watched the into the wild movie.
    loved it but up in alaska theres alot of locals who say he was a nut job .what do you think?
    i envy him for having such a great although short adventure but think he could have taken more precautions so he could come home safely.
  4. General expectations and ideas.

    So this will work like a starting point to a new approach in skill learning and living in general.

    When i start this post i have some 10 sites read and some forums registered and i fell a lot of marketing about the all survival thing, so i will limit my postings more in this forum since most actually have some sort of experience to share from real life.

    Im not sure what im preparing for but i know life around me is crumbling faster and faster and i dont want to be next ...
  5. Improve your pictures in a few simple steps, Part 4, Focus 2-2

    Improve your pictures in a few simple steps

    PART 4

    Improving Focus 2-2

    1 through 6 are in part 3

    7. Quality setting for cropping

    Item 1 through 6 in part 3 have probably the most impact on the sharpness of your pictures. There are however, a number of issues that might be less obvious, but are good to know and could be helpful in your quest for sharp pictures. If you set your camera to the highest quality ...