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  1. Learning the basics; (continued.)

    THE BOOK: (Note, the 1984 Fieldbook is pictured at the bottom of this blog page, far left book.)

    In 1984, if you were a Boy Scout, or even a leader, you would, more than likely, carry a copy of this book in your pack. It covers everything you need to know: While I'll be only going through the chapter on “Survival,” the following is the table of contents so you can see all of the important topics that are covered. Any notations that I’ve added are in red. ...

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  2. Learning the basics.

    By Sarge47


    I wrote this with a particular type of person in mind. I didn’t write it for the experienced outdoors folks who already know way more than what I’m writing here. They have their knowledge that they’ve gained in their own paths that they’ve walked.

    I didn’t write it for the Numpties who already believe that they know everything since they’ve watched all of the reality shows, read ...

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  3. Oregon State Police Trail Maintenance???

    Hi, I live in Clackamas, OR. A couple of years ago, I was a volunteer with a OSP trail maintenance group but could not participate in anything due to my job and being married. I was getting regular emails from a lady concerning where to meet, what tools to bring, etc. but at the time, I just deleted them. Most work was being done in the Mt. Hood National Forest, not too far from Goverment Camp. Now being single and finally having two days off, I would like to donate my time in the woods.
  4. Flashlights

    I am a hunter and love hunting but hate it when it gets dark. I finally went into the tactical light feild and love it.
  5. trap of the week

    this is the first blog i have ever wrote so it might not be that good so here i go we have a bunch of cats around are house and i set up a release toggle trap and i caught a cat by the foot it was so funny. trap of the week is the drag noose good for beavers and small mamels that live under ground you start by pounding two stakes into the ground in front of the animals hut about 3 to 4 inches away from it tie a stick to your noose and hang it in the notches you cut out on the stakes the animal cant ...
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