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  1. Traps & Trapping

    Alot has beeen asked on trapping so here's what I go by. Before any trapper starts trapping, all trappers should be familar with what trap sizes should be used for the fur bearers we intend to catch. For example I wouldnt use a #4 long spring to catch muskrats as it is to large of a trap. Below are some trap size recomedations for some of the common furbearers. If a furbear is not listed I recommend using a trap recommended for a simular sized furbearer. But that's just how I do it when I trap. ...
  2. Animal Tracks

    Animal Tracks, if your gonna trap you should know what the tracks of your prey look like, as outdoors people here we should all know what these look like, Here are a few.
    In the tracking chart below you will find many of wildlife species. As trappers and hunters we should be very knowledgeable on what furbearer's we are targeting. And which other critters may be a potential problem in the areas we trap and hunt.

    How to use this chart: This chart has been broken into groups by track ...
  3. Sanres Cont. again

    Stabilizing Snares
    To function properly, the snare loop must be held in a fixed position to intercept the animal. Heavy gauge wire works best for stabilizing snares. One end of the wire is affixed to the snare, and the other end of the wire is anchored to make it stable. One method for fastening the wire to the cable is to make a small bend in the end of the wire and crimp it onto the snare. However, this wire may interfere with the swivel because it is crimped on the cable.Some snares are ...
  4. Sarge's Memorial to Wolves who have "passed on".

    To Caracou Garou.

    A brother Wolf has passed.
    The wolves gather in their pack,
    Their mournful howls filling the night.
    A brother Wolf has passed on,
    His memory a guiding light.

    We never saw his face,
    Nor heard his voice aloud.
    We only read his words,
    And hold his memory proud.

    Good-bye my brother,
    we miss your guiding words.
    They will echo with the beasts,
    And be lifted with the birds. ...
  5. Hurricane Information Part I


    Weather Conditions

    Tropical Disturbance: an area of thunderstorms in the Tropics that maintains its identity for 24 hours or more.

    Tropical Depression: a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained surface wind of 38 miles per hour (mph) or less.

    Tropical Storm: a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained surface wind ranges between 39 and 73 mph.

    Hurricane: a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained ...

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    Hurricane Awareness
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