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  1. Annoying menus

    This post is not about this site, but about other web sites with annoying menus. Menus that popup (and sometimes won't go away) when you simply drag your mouse across the screen.

    Isn't that annoying? Some programmer tools allow you to set a delay of 1-2 seconds so the menu won't come up unless your cursor hovers over the menu for 1-2 seconds or more. "Hello! Programmers! If your tool does not allow you do set a delay on the menus, don't use it!"

    As a programmer ...
  2. 10 definitions for Noobs.

    Oft-times we get members here that are completely new to the terms used for Wilderness Survival, so this may help.

    1.) SK stands for "Survival Kit." These range in size from microscopic to gargantuan and any where in between. It has been rumored that a very small kit that can fit inside a thimble has the power to save you from a Force 5 Hurricane such as Katrina or Sandy! The components to the miniature survival kit are quite small, You will probably lose this before you ...

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