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  1. My Bug Out bag...

    This has been a hot topic here for a while and if one should or should'nt have one or really need one, but in the end I think something is needed not for just a BOB but in case something just happens cause ya never know.
    So this past weekend I made my first Bug Out Bag here are my contents. The suggested contents of a BOB vary and I think each person knows what he or she wants and can add or delete items as they adjust to their needs, this is kept in the back of my SUV in an old large A.L.I.C.E. ...
  2. Fixing US healthcare?

    (Please note this article is about fixing ABUSES in US healthcare. It is not about taking away healthcare from minimum wage earners, or blaming low wage hard-working people in any way.)

    Fixing the US healthcare system will take personal responsibility, and working together, both of which most Americans are no longer known for. To that end, here is an article from http://ambulancedriverfiles.blogspot...-my-world.html , a guy who is an ambulance driver and familiar ...

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  3. A joke


    My wife said, "Whatcha doin today?"

    I said, "Nothing."

    She said, "You did that yesterday."

    I said, "I didn't get finished."
  4. CSX uses magic to transport freight

    In a commercial for the CSX railroad, it claims they transport 1 ton of freight 423 miles on 1 gallon of fuel. Now I'm assuming they are using the diesel engines still.

    So how come we cannot transport a car (weighs less than a ton) 423 miles on a gallon of gas? I smell something fishy. Can someone explain how the CSX math would work?

    An anonymous witness claims he saw Harry Potter twice, in a CSX railcar near Chicago. More updates later...
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  5. Annoying menus

    This post is not about this site, but about other web sites with annoying menus. Menus that popup (and sometimes won't go away) when you simply drag your mouse across the screen.

    Isn't that annoying? Some programmer tools allow you to set a delay of 1-2 seconds so the menu won't come up unless your cursor hovers over the menu for 1-2 seconds or more. "Hello! Programmers! If your tool does not allow you do set a delay on the menus, don't use it!"

    As a programmer ...
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