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  1. The ghetto ride...

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    This vehicle belongs to a co-worker of mine. I find it unimaginable to have such a vehicle in this state. Just unbelievable!
  2. My bestest buddy in the whole wide world...

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    Here you can see the spoiled rotten mutt which is the bestest buddy Ive ever had. And she is a beautiful creature too! I love her coat!

    We adapted her from the SPCA, she was a court case having been removed from the previous owner because of neglect. She was quite malnourished when they received her.

    Today you would never know of her past. She is a happy dog, and she is quite the people dog, loving to be by your ...
  3. Dual survivor, of the rotator cuff...

    Well, Ive had both shoulders done now... that means dual rotator cuff surgeries.

    He-Man of the Universe crap is now a thing of the past, chores like chopping wood with an axe is no more, weight lifting workouts will be totally different now.

    Reason being, if I re-tear either shoulder, with the pre existing scar tissue, the next repair will be much more difficult and the final prognosis may not be quite so favorable as the first procedure.

  4. Fishing *IN* the water...

    Well, I got a nice set of waders from Wally today and I found out, that fishing *IN* the water is WAAAYYYY more fun than fishing *BY* the water!

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  5. The end of fly fishing...

    Well this is it... I give up! Fly fishing in fact is a great sport, but I have concluded today that I do not have patience to develop proper forum. Thu, I am returning my Redman rod for a refund and going to focus on spin casting, something Ive already got a good grasp of!

    I enjoyed the challenge, but in the end, for now... Its not for me!
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