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    I should have read this post first. What was the driving force that made you want to live this way. I wish I was 35 years younger and had the chance.

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    Quote How will you deal with the isolation? If you're by yourself, it will be very tough and it will affect your mind in some way or other. If you have a partner, it can be tough too, because it is a much closer, more intimate relationship than anything in the city. You'll depend on each other for absolutely everything. If you're alone, who'll cheer you up when things don't work, who'll listen to your ideas and worries, who will you share your joy with? How will you meet someone to share your life with you when you're tucked away in the woods?

    This part (Well everything you posted) hits home big time. When i lived off the grid, miles from any town I was 29 single with costody of my two kids. The thought of finding a good wife was slim. There just wasn't anyone out there and when the only people you have to talk to are a 7 and 8 year old, man it just makes things different. Closer in many ways becaus my struggles were their struggles, more like our struggles. And i discussed and had to explain most situations with them as if they were adults. In the city its more like, You just go to school and don't worry your little head, mommy and daddy will take care of everything. Your right most people don't put much thought into this part of the equation.
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    Nice post wildwoman! Lots of good info here for the wanna-be-back-to-the-landers, out there. Excellent data to back up what I've already done and know to be true, too. :-)

    Gonna go check some of your past threads now, to get to know you better. Keep up the path you're on my friend, it rocks!