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    Very nice post. If you consider The early life of our ancient peoples was their school. By the time you were old enough to join the men and women of your tribe in daily activities you have had 14 + years of learning a plant or skill and then using that knowledge a daily basis. It becomes a component of life. There are things I have learned as a child or even as an adult that only gets occasional use and I occasionally require relearning. We learn and educate to work. Not to live. We work to pay for a living not to make one. Sorry just blathering.
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    I agree with rwc1969 kind of! I say it needs to broke down into smaller paragraphs. This is one of the things a good editor would tell you if he was going to publish your article.

    And yes space between the paragraphs and spaces after commas. But by all means go through and break it anywhere you can.

    It's hard for me to read any one's writing that is all in just a few paragraphs, but if broken up I can follow the lines much better and it also seems to keep my interest better.

    You can read twice as much because you don't feel like your reading a lot, reading it in short segments it's easier to follow a story line also.

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    I wish the Indians woulda won too. Constructive critisism? Spaces between paragraphs. It makes it easier to read long winded posts. JK! other than that, I think it's a great post.
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    That is an amazing thread but i agree with Okwaho it should be a little shorter, but i still loved it.
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    It is a nice piece. I have talked with and worked with a bunch of native americans. Like all peoples we have skills brought on by necessity and some by desire like me and a bunch of guys here.

    If nothing existed except you and your clan in the woods. Nothing but U and this world. Over centuries your people would learn what must be learned. The NA had thousands of years.

    I have talked to the wise men of tribes in various states and they assure me that the natural way is nothing but learned.

    All respect to people of all clans but what is learned in a thousand years can be unlearned in 5 or 6 generations. Languages, life stiles, abilities.

    I taught survival, I spoke pretty good vietnamese and japaneese and a few words in other languages. I have no need for the languages and live well in my cowboy castle. Lonely and surrounded by friends and my wifes family.
    I have lost the languages,most of my survival skills and it has been only 16 years. How long before those that learned learned a needed skill at the time forgets it.

    We cannot go back we must learn from the past and study for the future.

    Just my piece. We forget because we find easier ways.

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    Great blog,very well written,and to the point.
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    I would say try and shorten it up as much as you can, but don't cut out any quality. Cuz there's nothing an ADHD child like myself loves more than reading something somewhat quick yet very informative.
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    OK I appreciate all the compliments But what could I do to improve this? What is missing? What could be added? Thank you again.
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    Well said, friend! Your writings are well worth keeping track of.

    Timber Wolf
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    Very good blog. I agree, maybe we are brothers, eh? We're just two people answering our ancestral Call Of The Wild. Can't wait to read your next blog.
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    Poco,AMAZING!!!!!! I agree with all the others,you have a gift for writing!
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    Now THAT be what I'M talking about! That hits home!
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    Awesome blog Poco!
    Huel Cualli!
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