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    Hi Sourdough,

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    Not that my composure to a Bear in the camp would have been in any way better. I would like to ask when out and about like you were what habits have you changed? A sidearm? Any Bear repellents, if they make anything like that? Heck of a story, WOW
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    I'd go with tins for as long as possible, sachet prepared food is a god send too
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    Quote Originally Posted by thefemalesurvivalist
    Hi Sourdough,

    I tried to PM you, but I got an error message.
    the difference between reality and fantasy.............The FANTASY is always better than reality,cause whether its takin off to live in the wild or a sexual fantasy,u are always left slightly disappointed when its over no matter how hard u try things never go how u think,or plan them to go,so its never quite as fun as u imagined it to be and the harder u try to make exactly like u fantasised it bein,the worse it is or stick with the reality of ur own situation,just sit back and ride it out,maybe it starts to be better or ur better than usual and that makes it better than the original fantasy,BONUS
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    What a way to start the morning. I would have needed to add a couple of shots of Jack D. to my coffee after that start of the day. I always enjoy your writings. Thanks Tipacanoe
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    Hi Sourdough,

    I tried to PM you, but I got an error message.
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    great story. think I might have had something to say to my buddy after I cleaned up a second time. :}
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    What a rush, amazing story.
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    Lance sounds like a couple people I know.. always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    That bear probably just needed a hug.. hehe.
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    Primitive skills leave a similar scar on a person. While I have not lived in the wilderness for any extended period, I do share a similar perspective. The world seems to change around us, but it is not the world that changes, it is us.
    Great post.
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    I would have needed to change my shorts :-)
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    What does a naked man think when he is 15 feet from a grizzly bear? I would never drink from that lake again. I was fly fishing in a pond here in Maine, had a cow moose with a yearling (maybe 2nd year, good size), when she passed behind me, I could have patted her on her belly if I could have moved.
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    Can't believe you stopped at 12'
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    Solid advice... independent living is hard WORK, not to mention the mental demands that isolation puts on you.

    Everyone that believes their ready to go running off into the wild, please take note of his advise.
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    I wish I was moving to Alaska, but at 60 I don't see that happening. Great advice, hope the young listen to you sir, it seems that so many do not take advantage of what people have to share. Please take care as I enjoy what you have to contribute and your sense of humor. Hope you get water out of that well.