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  1. Proper skinning using "fisting"

    Brought this over to the blogs as suggested by my buddy Beowulf.

    I rode with my uncle on saturday to the game processor to drop off his quarters. While I was there, I mentioned that we had spoken before about getting "good hides" and that I'd pay for good ones If he'd save them out for me...
    Well, he had a wheelbarrow full and brought out 6 good sized ones. I saw a lot of meat and a few knife marks right off, but said 'what the heck'. If these were your deer, you'd ...
  2. semi-sleep

    I don't know what blogs are for so I'll just rant.
    It came up in a discussion on the forums a while back about how we go through life asleep, unaware of the world around us. This is true. I believe some people are more awake than others and some I think move through life in a state of semi-sleep. The ones who are asleep are very self centered and detached. They think they are the only one that is important and are oblivious to the web of life around them. Selfish.
    Others, like the ...
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