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    when I have the time I will probably contact you with some ?
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    I like your thoughts on tanning Ii have 3 hides in icebox right now I want to learn how to tan
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    cool thanks for sharing
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    This is exactly what a friend & I have been talking about. He thought that we as a species must be foreign to this world, because we couldn't make it without our gadgets. I started telling him of the wondrous things that can be found all around us. I started looking up different sights to learn more to tell him. He has very little computer access, so this would be difficult for him to do on his own. I had shown my daughter about edible plants since before she was in pre-school. She used to give her pre-school teachers fits by picking & eating stuff at the edge of the playground. I want to learn & pass on as much as I can for as long as I can.
  5. your_comforting_company's Avatar
    Me and some buddies hand softened a skin this weekend. The shape was rather odd when dried. It was much less physical than frame softening, and we all had a good time doing the work.
    Hand softening lends an extremely stretchy buckskin. It seems a bit thicker than frame stretched skins, and was a little more difficult to buff by hand. My staker has a grinding wheel on top which helped to buff it.
    I like hand softening as far as the work is concerned, but the end product felt much different. After working it into something, I'll comment on the tactility.
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    blogs don't allow enough pictures.

    for pictures follow this link:
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    Great post your_comforting_company. Thank you for putting this into words. I remember sitting in the woods when the daylight would first come through the trees waiting for the squirrels to start barking or listening to the hounds tree till I got to them. As soon as I grew up I left that behind for the excitement of a job and friends to run with. You know progress won't wait for you. Unfortunately that never stopped until my family was raised and I retired. Even though I missed out on so much of that life I left behind I have woke up and I can get some of that life back. I do regret not showing any of that life to my children. They will never know how much nature can give them.
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    i loved this!