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  1. Survival Scenario One: Beginner.

    Okay, I gave everybody a chance back on the thread: "Here's your chance..." to come up with some applicable survival situations. One or two of you (klkak, for example,) took the thread seriously & came up with some stuff, the best being a sort of "discover your skills" kinda classroom thing; which is NOT what I was looking for; then it deteriorated into a "joke session". So here's an idea I had; see what you think.

    The idea is to have an actual ...

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  2. Regarding Cody's book: "98.6 Degrees..."

    I've decided to post Rick's Review of Cody's book here as well as the follow up that transpired between Rick, Myself & Cody Lundin Himself. Somethings need to be kept out front where they can be seen at any given moment.

    "I just completed 98.6 Degrees. The Art of Keeping Your *** Alive by Cody Lundin, I told Sarge I would provide a review so here it is.

    As the title suggests, this book looks more at the physiology as well as the psychology of keeping you ...

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  3. Survival Story #3.

    Here's a short one that can show what happens when one is properly prepared. Like the two before it, it's from Mr. Fears' book.

    "I recall fondly one hunter I helped find in Georgia. He had been lost for two days, and when we found him he had established himself a homestead.In fact, he had built himself such a cozy camp that we used it for an overnight rest before packing out.On the way out, he told us that his "ordeal" had been a ball and he planned to get lost again ...
  4. Survival Story #2.

    Here's the 2nd one.

    Before I get suspected of only being negative here I want to quote Mr. Fears from the same book I did earlier to show you something positive, if you can call it that!
    WILL TO LIVE: "the following story is true. Granted, it is brutal and not even typical of emergency survival situations, but it shows man can survive far more than most of us would expect-if he is determined to live.

    "During the week before Christmas, Timothy Moore, ...

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  5. Survival Story #1.

    If you want Survival Stories; here's one.

    Exclamation The shocking reality!
    Here's the skinny, boys and girls, until you're literally faced with a life or death situation, no one knows for sure what they're gonna do! It's easy to sit inside the safety & comfort of our homes and hit the keys on our computer writing all these words down, or even go out into the woods on our own little solo trips & come home okay...but no one really believes that really bad things can ...
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