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  1. My Response to Army Ranger Rick.

    A response to "Army Ranger Rick!"
    To those of you that don't know, our "good old boy" member Army Ranger Rick has decided to "diss" forums like this, it's members, and mods on his website. I was going to reprint it but it was too long, possibly under copyright, & I don't want to give him another platform to vent his spleen, of void his bowels, whatever. ...
  2. Sarge's "Survival Kit."

    Okay, this is not going to impress some of you, but that's the way it is. My idea of a "Survival Kit" is an overall. comprehensive system that starts at the top of your head & ends at the soles of your feet. Here's what I'm talking about:

    You consist of 3 elements: Body, Mind, & Spirit! Let's start with these 3 elements!

    YOUR SPIRIT: is "the will to live." Also called "the instinct of self-preservation;" without this you die! ...
  3. Defining "Survival."

    Oft-times we have new people show up here on the forum who believe that, despite their young years, they know more about survival than those who are older, more knowledgeable, &, in some cases, have lived through a real survival situation. They often give themselves away with foolish statements like the following:

    1.) I enjoy surviving.

    2.) I would only want to survive alone, not join an organized group.

    3.) I'll be a better survialist than all of ...

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  4. In Memory of Colin Fletcher. (1922-2007)

    We now refer to him as the "Spiritual Godfather" of the backpacking movement. He was the 1st person to ever walk a continuous route through the Grand Canyon in 1963. (The Man Who Walked Through Time.) He is also the author of the Backpacking Manual: "The Complete Walker" as well as the updated editions: II, III, & IV. This Manual is considered by most Backpackers as the "Hiker's Bible"! The latest edition boast 846 pages! In 2001, while walking, he was hit ...

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  5. Sarge's Memorial to Wolves who have "passed on".

    To Caracou Garou.

    A brother Wolf has passed.
    The wolves gather in their pack,
    Their mournful howls filling the night.
    A brother Wolf has passed on,
    His memory a guiding light.

    We never saw his face,
    Nor heard his voice aloud.
    We only read his words,
    And hold his memory proud.

    Good-bye my brother,
    we miss your guiding words.
    They will echo with the beasts,
    And be lifted with the birds. ...
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