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    "Hope for the best" should also include "Prepare for the worst" (and be pleasantly surprised if the worst doesn't come about).
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    I sat back most of my life and watched how folks raised their young and then married a woman with children. I learned from my observations that people are afraid of being parents. My ex as she is now, did not have a handle on her kids and allowed them to run over her in every event they wished. When I came along, I waited to an appropriate time then told them what I expected, when I expected it and the appropriate enforcement when I deemed it to be so. I was tested once in church at a funeral and again at a town meeting for a senator. I will say I do not believe in SHH or be quiet, I do believe the peas need hoeing and the peach limbs need pruning. I used a few peach limbs to get my point across. They are wonderful adults now and make me proud of how their children behave. Peach limb enforcement is not needed, but is available.
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    that is cool but also dangerous so i would put it under dont try this at home
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    iv'e had better luck with the second fire starter
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    I see this regularly in church. I hear "shhhh" frequently. I wonder why this child is in church when there is a wonderful program going on for children of the same age in a different part of the church. I am of the mind that most people don't want to say anything for fear of alienating the parents of said child.
    I am familiar with the 2 types, my neice is type 1, defensive, violent denial. Blames everyone else for childs behavior. This actually happened yesterday during our 4th of July picnic. They went home with both small children, 5 and 9 crying, Mother yelling and mad. So unlike the rest of the fam., very non-violent, passive and loving. Humble people really. said neice has obvious issues that carry on in to the child rearing.
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    You are right Crash. I updated my blog to reflect this.
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    It's been my experience that with the second fire starter that you discuss it is better to leave the carboard mold attached so it is part of your fire starter.
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    nobody is having a baby for an extra 12 bucks a month ! Bigger check? Pfft! Know what youre talking about before you ignorantly whine about the 2% taken from your Walmart check
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    When some working people get paid $7.50 an hour to feed their family it might be difficult to come up with the extra money for insurance. Welfare for the capable is a different story. The simple solution would be to be to bring doctors from the latin countries, along with the cheaper drugs, on temporary work visas, into the U.S. to provide care for some of these poorer people. If you could even convince them to come. I've had cavities filled for $20, housecalls and shots for $30, teeth capped for $100, and went to specialists and had x-rays for $100 in other countries. If we could ever do this it would save billions for the government. But, the lobbyists will never allow it. They simply want the prices to be too high.
  10. bulrush's Avatar
    My mortgage is the only debt I have right now, and I pay off my single credit card every month.
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    I subscribed to the mainstream way of thought when I was younger but I quickly found how deceptive and limiting of a lifestyle it really is.
    Amen, I too learned the hard way in my twenties, and my mortgage is now the only debt I have.

    Many people seem to be afraid of hard work. I'm 35, but the phrase 'elbow grease' was used often in my youth. It made quite an impression on me. I never went to college and yet I've moved into positions of upper mgmt. at every job I've had through dedication, surpassing those with seniority. Most of the employees under my mgmt. have been TERRIBLE workers. They love to jabber away on cell phones during work hours, come in late and leave early, and bring their personal nonsense into the workplace. It's an epidemic.
  12. bulrush's Avatar
    I imagine one of the reasons it's so expensive is because we foot the bill for other people's irresponsibility in looking after their own health. It's annoying.
    You are correct. And a hospital executive admitted this on TV. Hospitals charge insured patients more, to cover the uninsured. And so insurance companies have to charge more in premiums.
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    Thank you for the reviews. Now I have to go book shopping!
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    Emphasis on personal responsibility. My family (me, my husband and 20 month old son) pays way too much for health insurance. We are all height/weight proportionate, not through good genes, through proper diet and exercise. We don't jay walk, drive under the influence, participate in gang shootouts, OD on illegal drugs, or engage in promiscuous extramarital sex. We have never even used our insurance for any other reasons aside from vaccinations and annual check ups and continue to pay what equals nearly one half of our mortgage payment "just in case". I imagine one of the reasons it's so expensive is because we foot the bill for other people's irresponsibility in looking after their own health. It's annoying.
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    Good points. People have been brainwashed into thinking they have to have a house loan, car loan, student loan. A cleverly designed education to keep people "needing" the government for everything.

    When someone is under the heavy burden of multiple debts his freedoms are severely limited.

    I am of the opinion that you must not take out debt unless it is absolutely necessary. I subscribed to the mainstream way of thought when I was younger but I quickly found how deceptive and limiting of a lifestyle it really is.

    I currently have a home mortgage that I am working furiously to pay of. I will then experience true freedom once again.
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    And that is why we should outlaw doctors
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    CO2 is a naturally occurring gas in the atmosphere. Although combustion is a contributor to the abundance of this gas, there is no conclusive evidence that the amount has any real impact.

    This is due to the cyclical nature, or symbiotic relationship that CO2 and vegetation have. It is a necessary component for plant life, which produces Oxygen...a necessary component for animal life. One cannot exist without the other.

    Another interesting thing to take note of is the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere is how much one volcanic eruption allows to escape, versus how many cars it would take to equal that one volcanic event. You would be surprised at how big of a number (cars that is) it really is.
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    You are ignoring an important component here bulrush. The fuel is expended getting the train up to speed. A properly loaded train, once it is up to speed can then coast for many miles without loosing much velocity.

    This is due to the momentum that is generating by the massive amount of tonnage in that long line of rail cars. It is also the same reason why a train will flatten a semi truck and not even notice it was there.
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    Wow. The open top car is 44' long and carries 231,000 pounds. That's about 115 tons.

    Thanks. I couldn't find squat after going through some hits on Google.

    Do they make the wheels and axels out of really hard steel? Since that is what's being pressed between the cargo and the rails. Only 4 wheels to carry 100+ tons. That's 25+ tons per wheel.
  20. laughingbeetle's Avatar
    Yup!! I have a couple of these, plus the replacement flints. They do come in handy.
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