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Yep. Here it is. My blog. Not even as exciting as watching paint dry.

  1. Slingshot zombiehammer with skull ejector

    This contains a video.

    Wow. One end of the weapon is a slingshot. The end contains a steel ball for whacking, and a 6 inch spike for...spiking.
  2. Too much sugar in yogurt!

    Activia yogurt has more sugar per ounce than a can of Coke. Here are some comparisons. Serving size (oz)/sugar grams/sugar per oz:

    Activia 8oz/37g/4.63g
    Dannon Oikos yogurt 8oz/27g/3.38g
    Coke 12oz/39g/3.25g
    V8 Splash juice 8oz/16g/2.0g

    For low-fat protein, try jerky instead. It might have a lot of salt, but it is low in sugar and fat.
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  3. A joke


    My wife said, "Whatcha doin today?"

    I said, "Nothing."

    She said, "You did that yesterday."

    I said, "I didn't get finished."
  4. Fire starters

    Here's an easy fire starter to make from cardboard.
    - Melt wax from old candles in a double boiler. Takes about 30 minutes.
    - Cut 1" x 10" strips from corrugated cardboard boxes.
    - Roll strips up and tie with a string.
    - Dip these rolls into melted wax, put on safe surface to let dry. Placing on scrap paper (might stick to it), waxed paper, or paper/pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray works well. Placing on plastic wrap might also work, don't let the ...

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  5. Acid etching knife blades

    I thought I would try acid etching my initials into a knife blade with muriatic acid. If the acid gets masked with masking tape, then cut out my design, then add drops of acid for 4 hours, I think that should do something.

    Anyone ever tried acid etching a design into metal?

    UPDATE: The acid etching worked though I had to use clear nail polish for a mask. Masking tape didn't work. The picture is here:
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