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11-10-2007, 06:44 AM
I was sitting here thinking. (Could you smell the fat burning)?

It has been to quiet as of late. Ok guys and ladies! I thought, why not start a fight! Not a mean one but a fun one!

Survival lights. Flash lights. EDC lights. What do you all think is the best to have with you? Add camping lights to the mix.

Now not only do you have to name them but why you like them. And you need not name only one for each category.

My EDC is a Mini Mag! Why? I have it converted to LED and I have had it sense my son gave it to me for Christmas when he was 5. He is 21 now! So it is habit.

Flashlight: Mag light 3 cell. It has been converted to LED too. Has a good light and I can beat off the skeeters with it if need be! TDW (The Dear Wife) likes it. Need I say more?

Survival light: I have a Gerber Ultra. This is EDC too. Yup, I carry 2 lights daily. The Gerber fits in my pocket. It puts out light for a long time. It gives enough light for me to cook dinner or coffee in total dark. One AA rechargeable battery and with the 2 in the Mini Mag, I have light for over 2 weeks out in the wilds of Suburbia.

Camping: I have a Lightcap by sollight. It is a 32 Oz water bottle with a LED light in the cap. Just puts out enough light to use to get up at 3am for my nightly walk out to the tree, without waking TDW. It is solar rechargeable.

TDW wants her Palight and I have 2 in the pack. Palights are odd shaped but great lights. If not for the Gerber that would be the survival light of choice. I have a no name Solar 6 LED light that I have taken along camping for the last several years. From total dead to charged for 6 hours of light, takes only a couple hours in the sun. Fully charged and good for 12 hours takes only 4 or 5 hours in the sun.


11-10-2007, 04:59 PM
Well I only have one LED headlight with a switch that alters between [2 white LED], [off], and [single red LED to keep night vision]. I use rechargeable AA batteries because I have a portable solar array that can charge them while strapped to my pack.