View Full Version : Solar Power in the Wild?

10-23-2007, 02:00 PM
I use a Silva Solar 1 when I thruhike. It's not going to power your laptop, but it'll recharge 2 AAs, enough for my miniDV camcorder.


10-24-2007, 10:02 AM
I just bought the "I SUN" Battpak...from ***********.com)

Powers in with AC, DC, And solar.
Will power most portable electronics like GPS, laptop, phones, PDA's...etc...and recharges up to 10 batteries (AA/AAA)

Am I wrong or is *********a spam website?

10-24-2007, 04:03 PM
Hey, I've considered living permanently in the woods, and I felt that solar alone wasn't necessarily the best solution for me. It might be different for you, depending many things, but I decided if I ever did it, I would also use wind power, in collaboration with solar energy. Wind turbines can be purchased that are small enough so as to only cost 500$, and they'll keep you off the grid.

OR, if you're a handy-man, you could try to make your own. Just make sure to set it up in a place where there are no mature trees to break your wind.
There's an example of someone who did. http:*******************

It's just another alternative, just throwing out some ideas.


10-24-2007, 09:36 PM
I think Sarge is going a little nuts with the URL censorships. Far be it for me to change the topic of the thread, but some URLs are helpful and saves a couple minutes googling... which produces the exact same link.

10-25-2007, 09:58 AM
While think solar power is good there are hand generators avaliable for when there is no sun and the wind generators are a good idea but $$$.

10-31-2007, 09:44 PM
I have a couple Isun solar panels for charging my AAA, AA, C, D batteries. I just got a small set up off Eo-buy 5hat charges my AA 4 at a time and it was cheep.

Solar works but for dependability a crank charger is a must have. I do not plan on living out in the wilds. I got them for the just in case times. I have a hand crank system for my cell phone and solar adapters for the rest.

GPS? Is that some kind of new fangled compass with a built in typo map? Just kidding.


11-05-2007, 02:05 AM
My cabin is passive solar. I do have a Brunton roll up Solar mat that does a fine job charging my camcorder batts. and a hand crank charger for times when the sun is not around (most of the winter.) I made my crank charger from a 1hp machine motor I traded for at a second hand shop.