View Full Version : Strange place to find drinking water

10-22-2007, 06:45 AM
We all know that we need to find water in a survival situation, but this is a strange place to find it.

I found this QUOTE at Helium.com : "Lastly, water can also be found in animals. Water can be extracted from their eyes by sucking them. All fishes contain drinkable fluid. Larger fishes in particular, have a reservoir of fresh water stored along their spine. Gut them flat, carefully remove the backbone and drink it. If you really need to, you can still suck up any juices left in the fish; only be careful not to suck up any fish juice in the flesh, for they are rich in protein content, and fluid in your vital organs will be used to digest them. "

True or not? I've never heard of this drinking water source until I read this.

10-22-2007, 01:17 PM
Anything that contains more water than it takes your body to process can help supply you with the H2O you need.

For example, a watermelon.

So any part of an animal that contains mostly water is good. But of course in order to get the couple liters of water you need every day you would have to consume alot of eyeballs!