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12-19-2008, 02:23 PM
I have searched but I didn't find anything but I was wondering about storing food while camping. Not like meat where you could make some refrigerater by storing it in a river but like plants that you have foraged and other things.

12-19-2008, 04:49 PM
I make small debris-hut storage systems about 12 feet from my sleeping quarters. I concentrate more on water-proofing than insulation obviously since im only storing things in them. And I make them larger with two open ends instead of one, with a woven sapling/caittail leave frame for a door, nice and tight. The inside is all dry pine needles and the outer shell of the hut is mostly birch bark and water-proof material. It's preffered for me becuase I need to store bow staves out there and need a long storage. But I store my extra dry meat and dryed plants, along with cordage, sinew, extra flint and such. It's pretty neat. No animals get in my storage areas because the smoke from my fire (no more than 8 feet away), masks any scent inside and out.

12-19-2008, 04:51 PM
Could make an "evaporator shelving unit" not to sure to proper words for it.

Consist of regular square wooden shelves (lets say 3 shelves plus a top cover) with holes drilled at each corner.
Ropes are passed through these corners and a knot is made under each shelf corner so that each shelf is level.
The ropes are gathered at the top to form a hanging point.
With the shelves now hanging at length, drape a canvass cloth over the top cover and down each side of the shelving unit
Tack all 3 sides along each edge of the shelves, leaving one canvass flap draped over one side, we will call this the front of the cooler.
We use an old pie pan that has small hole on its bottom and place it on top of the top cover.
Put water in the pan and keep it full, it will leak onto the canvass covering ans eventually through capillery action wet all the canvass walls of the unit.
Through evaporation this "cooler" will keep foods cooler in summer, just keep water in the pan to feed the wetting.
Make it a size to suit your needs, when you are ready to move empty the shelving unit and collaspse it into a storage box or bag.
Its an old way of doing things.