View Full Version : Free advertising for a survival-based business

09-06-2007, 08:35 AM
I've seen folks on these boards and other forums on the net who would like to get a business going that has to do with survival. Some are looking to conduct survival classes and some are looking to sell survival products and some are just looking to start a survival website.

I think 2 forms of "free advertising" are not being taken advantage of often enough. Podcasting and U-Tube. I say free in terms of money, not time and effort. But if someone were willing to spend the time and effort to create videos for U-Tube or to host a Podcast the cost of doing so in terms of advertising dollars would not be much. And I believe it would be effective to advertise your services or products in this way.

If I were to go into a business that had to do with survival I believe I would use these two avenues to entertain prospective customers while informing them about what it is I have to offer.

If I were selling survival products, for example, I'd do U-Tube video demonstrations of the product in action, showing how it's used and why it would be a good idea to buy my product. I'd also do a Podcast about survival and mention frequently the products I have for sale and how those products would aid in a listener's survival strategy.

Forums like this one would be a great source of ideas for topics to cover and to get a feel for what people would like to listen to or watch.

Just thought I'd throw this out for those looking to go into a business having to do with survival or preparedness. Besides, there aren't enough podcasts and videos having to do with survival right now. I'd like to see and hear more. Maybe others would as well. And if I were listening or watching something about survival and products were advertised I'd be tempted to check into them and perhaps purchase them.