View Full Version : 10 Round Single Stack AK Magazines - They are Sold

09-10-2014, 05:33 PM
I have three (3) PAP single stack 10 round mags for sale. If you live in one of those states that requires single stack or happen to have a PAP rifle these should fit. They are new polymer mags. I haven't shot one round out of any of them. I didn't realize they were PAP when I ordered them and I can't use them. I have about $30 with shipping in the 3. I'll take $15 plus shipping for all three.

If you have any questions just PM me.


09-10-2014, 10:20 PM
I have no use, but good deal.

09-11-2014, 06:56 PM
For those that live in communist states, thats a good setup and I send out cudos to Rick for the good offer!

09-11-2014, 08:00 PM
I just hope they're still on the table when my check comes in. That's a steal.

09-17-2014, 10:52 AM

10-01-2014, 04:54 PM
I know it probably needn't to be said in this community, but Mr. Rick was a pleasure to deal with and I couldn't be more satisfied. The fact that it was a screamin' deal didn't hurt but I would do business with the man any day.