View Full Version : Lotebush? and ?

06-21-2010, 02:56 PM
I was in the Verde Valley of Arizona over the weekend and took a little stroll. In addition to the edible cactus bits and young mesquite beans I came across, I spotted a few interesting things I couldn't ID for sure.

This one, I'm pretty sure is lotebush (Ziziphus obtusifolia var. canescens
or Gray-Thorn):


If it is, supposedly the berries are edible, but not very tasty.

And then there's this thing. It had both small bluish-green berries, and a larger swelling at the base of some of the leaves. I have no idea what it is:


Here's another pic of the first two things, plus some silverleaf nightshade (you DON'T want to eat that!) in the middle.


And this stuff, growing in a drainage ditch. It has thick, fuzzy leaves. Thought it could be some sort of mullein: