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  1. Slim Jims , Jerkey , etc
  2. Tactical Sammiches
  3. Fire cooking squirrel
  4. My new billy...
  5. pemmican (suet)
  6. Charcoal question.
  7. Net bags for cooking
  8. Hi My name is Sourdough, and I am a cheese addict.
  9. Apple Cider vs. Apple Juice....Difference Please.
  10. variety is the spice of life
  11. storage containers
  12. 18th Century Cooking with Jas. Townsend and Son
  13. Foreplay in the morning....Hot foreplay in the morning.
  14. Origianl Cooking Method?
  15. Freeze Dried fruit at Target
  16. 1-2 year water storage
  17. Recipe Suggestions?
  18. Marmalade!
  19. Middle of the Road Food
  20. Firebox stove?
  21. Tricks of the trade
  22. Ohhhhhhhh!
  23. Fresh sausage.
  24. A question for the canning folk.
  25. Newly crowned "Hottest pepper in the world"
  26. Homemade MRE or MARE
  27. How to make homemade bread
  28. Extensive FROZEN Can goods TEST (Do they really burst...?)
  29. Mmmmm....bacon gravy.
  30. Fish Jerky
  31. Propane vs white gas vs unleaded for cooking-your opinions?
  32. I may have found....
  33. Something different
  34. thinking about a dehydrator
  35. cast iron skillets?
  36. saving bacon fat??????
  37. I enjoy preserving foods for later usage..............
  38. Another way to preserve Berries! :)
  39. What to do with just a few loquats
  40. wine and mead making question
  41. Sun-dried tomatoes
  42. Dried Shrimp
  43. Eating bones?
  44. Had the Day Off So Had to Smoke(Don't Look If your Hungry)
  45. To boil or not to boil?
  46. My first failure.
  47. Got Tattler Lids?
  48. pit cooking
  49. Wire bristles from grill cleaning brushes
  50. Buffalo meat for dehydrating?
  51. Tactical Bacon?
  52. Sailor Boy Pilot Bread
  53. How do I restore cast iron skillet?
  54. What I found on my cast iron fry pan hunt today
  55. ultra light / ultra compact stove
  56. My ribeye
  57. Do I understand dehydrating?
  58. Campfire bread recipe?
  59. Old steel fry pans.
  60. Seperate egg yokes from whites
  61. Pheasant Back, Dryad Saddle, I'm stocking up
  62. Mountain House Pro-Pak Beef Stroganoff Video Review
  63. Graniteware or porcelain enamel?
  64. canning
  65. Where can I buy storage food in Michigans thumb area
  66. Processing chickens
  67. Where is the best deal on mylar bags?
  68. I love my Esbit stove
  69. Cheese Making
  70. Favorite Ramen meal
  71. Which canner and why?
  72. Need more details about boxed foods and long term storage
  73. Powdered Eggs Recipe
  74. Great tasting cornbread
  75. Rice and Nut flour?
  76. Tea Anyone?
  77. Canning over a flame
  78. Canned Meat - Where to get the best buy and tastiest
  79. Hunting camp corn bread
  80. Woo Woo! First Dutch Oven cooking!`
  81. Meat Smoking Calculator
  82. Can rough surface cast iron be smoothed out?
  83. Deer jerky
  84. Carving a Turkey
  85. Freeze drying food
  86. corn meal mush
  87. Canning Pureed Pumpkin & Squash
  88. Canning at 15 PSI
  89. How much do I have to spend on a jar vacuum resealer?
  90. Wok up
  91. Mountain House Chili Mac in Field Review Video
  92. The Devil is in the Details
  93. How do you can when the power is out? Fire? Solar?
  94. Ms. "B" snack food
  95. Coleman stove hotter than my gas grill
  96. Sausage Casings
  97. Food dehydrating: The secret to packing light, small, & better in the bush.
  98. Measuring dried bell peppers.
  99. A long lasting survival bread recipe
  100. dehydrator.......take two
  101. Baking on a camping stove: The pot-within-pot method (Pic Heavy)
  102. Honey Powder......New one on me.
  103. Food stash pix !
  104. Venison caserole
  105. First meal on my new Rocket Stove
  106. Two of our favorite things!
  107. Brownies made inside oranges.
  108. Official "Fire Wood & Cast Iron" thread by EB
  109. Long term storage food supplier
  110. Has Anyone Here Washed Fruit This Way?
  111. Food Dehydration - Excellent How To Prep. Videos
  112. What size bags do you use to different stuff?
  113. FoodStorageAnalyzer.com
  114. It's a sad day.....
  115. Baby shower
  116. Cowboy and Chuckwagon cooking
  117. food dehydrator question
  118. Anyone have a jerky recipe?
  119. Backpacker's Pantry Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken Review
  120. The One-Year Emergency Food Supply List
  121. Anyone ever try Black Bean Burgers?
  122. "Free" Go Foods Sample Pack - Pay $9.95 Shipping
  123. Wilson Solar Grill - Heater
  124. Canning cheese !
  125. Natural High Cinnamon Apple Crisp Field Review
  126. Bean Hole Cooking
  127. Freezing Chanterelles
  128. How do YOU store POTATOES for the winter.......????
  129. What to store for a milk substitute?
  130. 2dumb would be proud
  131. What is the best way to store food in containers
  132. Is there a way to eliminaye the worm eggs in grains?
  133. Some info about brown rice
  134. What kind of grain mill do I need?
  135. Something else to cook, with bacon.
  136. Coconut Milk and Coconut Flour
  137. Understanding Meat Curing Methods
  138. Carla Emery-Encyclopedia of Country Living
  139. Dehydrator Backpacking References with Recipes
  140. Pemican and Hardtack Recipes
  141. Does commercial survival food have a really longer shelf life?
  142. Test for canned meats?
  143. Getting a Dial Canner calibrated (Ha!)
  144. What do you add to store bought Trail Mix or GORP?
  145. Pressure canners?????
  146. How is wheat processed to get it to a kitchen-the manual way?
  147. Small pressure cooker for camping
  148. Pssst........Hey, Winnie....
  149. Some questions about wheat
  150. Any tricks to making a loaf of bread in a small toaster oven?
  151. Cooking with a solar cooker
  152. vacuum sealing dehydrated foods
  153. thinking about a kerosene cook stove
  154. Vacuum Sealing Fully Cooked Meat
  155. Does anyone have a Marcato Marga Mulino grain mill?
  156. Just a curious thing about wheat sources
  157. Anyone do business with RainyDayFoods?
  158. Question about dough rising
  159. Where can I get non-soy food
  160. A home made bread question
  161. About Amazon.com mylar bags
  162. Augason Farms from Sam's Club vs Augason Farms
  163. The World's Healthiest Foods
  164. Mylar bags-What should I start storing?
  165. How dry is dry enough for long term storage?
  166. Spaghetti and sharp end storage in bags
  167. Vermont Bun Maker stove-anyone using one?
  168. Heres some info on oxygen absorbers
  169. Homemade Dehydrator
  170. Time to Make the Stuffing
  171. Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag
  172. Is this milk normal tasting or not
  173. A note about Kraft Macaroni "best by" date
  174. canning Jars
  175. When to discard food
  176. simple canteen cup meals ?
  177. Canning kick
  178. A stupid dehydrator question.
  179. Old school grillin'. (Real old.)
  180. Bannock: The Dutch Oven Way
  181. Best way to make omlettes from powdered eggs?
  182. The Wonderbag
  183. Lots of confusing facts out there about storage life
  184. CaliBarrett Bio Stove Video Review
  185. Shortening Powder
  186. Duck Sausage
  187. Bacon And Jalepeneno Popper Grilled Cheese
  188. Saratoga Farms - Any good?
  189. Salt Cured, smoked bacon....needs no refrigaration
  190. Handy hint
  191. Soylent
  192. Help me stock up
  193. Making Pickles
  194. whats your favorite homesteading cookbook?
  195. Are rice and beans from store ready for mylar storage?
  196. do u think this is true??
  197. Is enamel lined cast iron any good?
  198. 'Kraut help needed please!
  199. Any switchel drinkers?
  200. Shelf stable dog food (found on reddit)
  201. Pre-cooked, Dehydrated Beans: Reconstituted
  202. emergency food buckets now at my favorite grocery store
  203. Dried beef sandwhich meat
  204. Question about food dehydration methods..
  205. Alpo......?
  206. Dried Sweet Corn
  207. Need smaller packages of oxygen absorbers
  208. Smoking fish - state regulated process - interesting and helpful
  209. Tuna
  210. Bone Marrow Butter
  211. I'm asking for some recipes...
  212. Lunch
  213. Do you have a better choice in flour mill?
  214. NEW Campfire Grill!
  215. Heart
  216. Mod your Esbit stove for better pot support
  217. Looking for LDS mylar bags
  218. Cast iron 2 quart pot
  219. Yoders canned hot dogs.
  220. BBQ WARS beef brisket VS pork shoulder
  221. How did the pioneers season their cast iron?
  222. Just got a jet cooker for brewing and future crawfish boils!
  223. SPAM a food group of it,s own
  224. Survival and Alcohol
  225. Who's anti-GMO?
  226. how do you do gumbo?
  227. Smoking vs sun curing. which one is better?
  228. Moon pie
  229. Canning the Cow
  230. Camp fire to hot. How do you control it?
  231. Manual Food Sealer???
  232. Zoo Anmals Escape in Tsilibe, Ukraine
  233. Chip and Dale stew?
  234. Better way to season cast iron?
  235. A couple cast iron cookware questions
  236. Couldn't make this up
  237. Best Hot Sauce Out There?
  238. leather britches
  239. 2 quart pot for campfire cooking?
  240. Learning to make bread
  241. For You Bear Hunters....
  242. Steak anyone?
  243. Looking to use my oven to dehydrate campin goof
  244. Cheated on Thanksgiving
  245. what are REAL grits
  246. putting by comfort foods
  247. Cast Iron Venison
  248. Hobo Stove Cooking
  249. Road Kill
  250. Yankee Gumbo