knives and stuff

  1. The DOC give-away knife.
  2. two forged knives.  The one to the right was my first try with the anvil.
  3. 100 0060
  4. Some more knives.  The one in the middle is my avatar, my Scagel tribute.
  5. Ok, I didnt make this knife making idol, Wayne Goddard did!  I was lucky enough to find it on Ebay.
  6. The blade peeking into the picture bottom right is the knife I hunt with.  This little monster went through 2 moose, and 4 deer this past hunting...
  7. Iron wood handle, 1095 steel.
  8. Made from old buggy spring steel and spalted maple from camp, this is my recycling project!  It was given away as a gift for Christmas.
  9. This has been my favorite test blade yet!  I made it quick and crude to test heat treats and I cant kill it!
  10. These are some of the first 10 I made.  I've got much better with sheaths
  11. One in the middle is my first fighter!  It is also the first knife that I sold for some real money.  The other was designed by and made for a friend.
  12. I was proud of most of this batch.  The fighter and the small iron wood handled knife both came out great!  This is a different fighter than from the...
  13. Thuya burl with ramone burl bolsters.
  14. My first forged knife.
  15. Well, this is the nearly the entire collection.
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