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crude points and knives made by me except the bottom left 8 pieces made by some friends. 2 of those are pieces I found on extreme bottom left.

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09-19-2009, 10:38 AM
primitive endeavors
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  1. pocomoonskyeyes
    Did you use glass For those on the top?
  2. your_comforting_company
    second from left on top and third, is picture tube from a tv screen. Fourth is an old syrup bottle bottom I found discarded in the woods. Fifth place is a finger knife of TV screen. popped it off with one neat whack and it's razor sharp. cut myself with it and didn't know for a few minutes that I was bleeding.
    Second row, second from left is an old medicine bottle, I think it was some black draught or cough syrup. It was broken when I found it. Third from left is another piece of a pink tinted bottle bottom. dunno what the bottle was.

    Most of these heads are from poor quality chert and the bluish ones are some silicated coral that I traded some deer leather for. It got me a couple nice size stones to make heads out of.
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