primitive endeavors

snippets of stuff I do without power tools or electricity.
  1. First year Mullein rosette
  2. first year Mullein rosette
  3. mullein spindle and black willow hearth
  4. deer toes make excellent crude points
  5. my knapping stones
  6. left to right, palm scraper (turtleback), utility knife, and hearthboard tool. knife on bottom made by Craig W. is my personal deer skinner with...
  7. crude points and knives made by me except the bottom left 8 pieces made by some friends. 2 of those are pieces I found on extreme bottom left.
  8. 4 crude knives I use regularly
  9. squirrel pole with snare
  10. chert flake knife
  11. hock skint
  12. field mustard
  13. American beauty bush
  14. poisonous rattle-box
  15. bow drill kit
  16. small arrow point
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