Kit and kaboodle

Pics of stuff
  1. bike light 
One of my home made bike lights.  With a 130g lithium ion battery it provides 5-6 hours of light on low beam (approx. 130 lumens) or...
  2. inner sanctum (detachable from car kit for unplanned hikes) 
hurricane matches 
waterproof matches 
electrical tape 
headlamp (incandescent w/ spare...
  3. car kit 
Inner Sanctum  (see other pic) 
fleece jacket 
goretex shell 
emergency battery charger 
space blanket 
3 mre's with heaters...
  4. This is my version 2007.  It improved over the course of 2008, but I haven't snapped a recent pic.  I'll update as soon as I do. 
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