This is a collection of pictures from some of my hydroponic adventures. I try to use items I find to help keep the cost down. I found about 10 lengths of downspout in a trash dumpster at work. I pulled 4 out and turned them in to a herb garden on the porch. If you have to buy anything try to make sure you can reuse it on your next project. Look around the house and you will find almost everything you need.

You can grow lettuce in about 4 weeks. by staggering the planting you can have lettuce longer.

My biggest problem is keeping my husband from grazing the planters...
  1. This was made with a styrofoam box, contractor's garbage and an air pump.
  2. Hydroponics made with downspouts
  3. A five gallon bucket a little tubing and a fountain pump
  4. Sweet Basil
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