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Edible Plants & Mushrooms

Vitis species

Vitis species

  • Scientific Name: Vitis species
  • Common Name(s): Wild grape vine
  • Edible: yes
  • Medicinal: no
  • Parts Used: fruit, leaf
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    13 Aug, 2008

    CAUTION--To avoid poisoning, do not eat grapelike fruits with only a single seed (moonseed).
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    13 Aug, 2008

    Description: The wild grape vine climbs with the aid of tendrils. Most grape vines produce deeply lobed leaves similar to the cultivated grape. Wild grapes grow in pyramidal, hanging bunches and are black-blue to amber, or white when ripe.
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    13 Aug, 2008

    Habitat and Distribution: Wild grapes are distributed worldwide. Some kinds are found in deserts, others in temperate forests, and others in tropical areas. Wild grapes are commonly found throughout the eastern United States as well as in the southwestern desert areas. Most kinds are rampant climbers over other vegetation. The best place to look for wild grapes is on the edges of forested areas. Wild grapes are also found in Mexico. In the Old World, wild grapes are found from the Mediterranean region eastward through Asia, the East Indies, and to Australia. Africa also has several kinds of wild grapes.
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    13 Aug, 2008

    Edible Parts: The ripe grape is the portion eaten. Grapes are rich in natural sugars and, for this reason, are much sought after as a source of energy-giving wild food. None are poisonous.
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    13 Aug, 2008

    Other Uses: You can obtain water from severed grape vine stems. Cut off the vine at the bottom and place the cut end in a container. Make a slant-wise cut into the vine about 1.8 meters upon the hanging part. This cut will allow water to flow from the bottom end. As water diminishes in volume, make additional cuts further down the vine.
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    29 Jan, 2010

    CAUTION-Moon seed has smooth edges on the leaves and doesn't have tendrils. True wild grapes have tendrils and a saw toothed edge along the entire leaf.
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    29 Jan, 2010

    The young leaves and growing tips can also be boiled for 10 to 15 mins. and eaten.
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